Listen and Speak Service

Speech-to-Speech (STS) allows speech-disabled persons to voice their conversation. A specially trained Sprint STS operator repeats the words of the person with a speech disability or synthesizer output to the other person. The other person speaks directly to STS user.  

How does STS work?

See the video to learn how STS works for a person with a speech disability to voice their conversation over the telephone.

New Jersey Speech to Speech
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  1. Dial 7-1-1 and ask for Speech-to-Speech or 1-866-658-7712 directly for a trained STS Operator to connect to the requested party.
  2. Give the STS OPR the area code and telephone number you wish to call, plus any special instructions.
  3. Give the OPR as much information as possible about your call prior to the OPR dialing. You can instruct the OPR to repeat everything or only what is not understood. You control your call.
  4. The OPR will dial the number. Once the call is connected, everyone on the call will be able to hear each other.
  5. The STS operator will facilitate the conversation between you and the other party by repeating or re-voicing your messages when necessary. The OPR will revoice your message to ensure you are understood. The OPR will clarify anything that is not clear before revoicing.
  6. Say ‘GA” when you are finished speaking and ready for a response.
  7. The other party speaks directly to you.

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You do not need special equipment to use this service. Any standard telephone would work with STS service via a phone line. 

Speech to Speech (STS) Customer Service: