Additional Services

Additional services include specific instructions for special types of calls that a standard telephone user would make and is made available for Relay and CapTel users to ensure equal telephone access on other call types.

International Calls

New Jersey Relay allows deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, and speech disabled users to dial a dedicated international number to place and receive relay calls to and from anywhere in the world in English or Spanish.

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911 Emergency Calls

In the event of an emergency, it is strongly encouraged that Relay and CapTel users dial 911 directly for a faster connection. NJ Relay can still process emergency calls but it will not be as fast as dialing 911 directly.

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TTY Public Payphones

TTY users who wish to use TTY public payphones can make TTY to TTY calls free of charge if the call is local. NJ Relay provides assistance in connecting non-local calls.

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ASCII Split Screen

ASCII Split Screen is designed to allow deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing users who use high-speed ASCII computer to type and communicate more clearly and quickly with other TTY or computers that utilize ASCII. This also allows the user to see both parties' responses on the screen at the same time.

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Answering Machine / Voice Mail Retrieval

TTY users can ask that New Jersey Relay Operators retrieve messages from their voice answering machines or voicemail. CapTel users can use their CapTel 840/840i phones that have built-in answering machines.

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