Wireless CapTel by Sprint

Wireless CapTel by Sprint is a free app available for individuals with hearing loss to place calls using CapTel services on select AndroidTM powered devices running OS 2.2 or higher. Using state-of-the-art voice recognition technology and VOiP services, this app delivers captions of everything your caller says, while you listen (with your residual hearing) and speak directly to your caller.

Available only in USA and U.S. International calls will either be blocked or terminated.

Registration is required to use this app. If no data plan is selected, casual data charges may apply.

How to Use

Wireless Captel by Sprint

See the video to learn how Wireless CapTel by Sprint works for anyone with a hearing loss who prefer to speak, listen and read wirelessly.

Wireless CapTel by Sprint
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Place a Call by:

  1. Dialing a number on the Dial Pad
  2. Selecting a name from your address book (Contacts)
  3. Calling someone from your call History.
Receiving a Call:

Wireless CapTel by Sprint is designed to run in the background. When an incoming call is received, a screen will appear and the phone will vibrate. Tap Answer to accept the call or Ignore to send the call to voicemail.
Completing a Call:

Tap the Hang Up button to disconnect the call.

Or the call will disconnect when the other party hangs up. The screen will display your conversation to review. To copy/paste into another app, tap the Menu button on your device, then tap Copy to Clipboard. The text is now available to paste into another app.

To return to the dial pad, tap the Back button on your device.

To view our complete Wireless CapTEl by Sprint User Guide, click here.


Device Requirements:

  • Select Android-powered devices running 2.2 or higher.
  • Also requires Adobe Air 2.7+ (free download on Android Market)

Optional recommended accessories:

In order to be able to listen & speak to your callers while at the same time read what they are saying, it is recommended that a hands-free device be used. We have tested and recommend the following products:

  • Bluetooth
    • Motorola H73
    • Plantronics Explorer 395
  • Hands-free Devices
    • Hatis Freedom – t-coil users

To install Wireless CapTel by Sprint:

  • Using your device’s bar-code scanner, scan the QR code to the right and install.
  • OR Click here to send the app to your phone from your computer.
  • OR Tap the Market icon in your phones applications list and search for Sprint CapTel, select then install.

Wireless CapTel by Sprint Customer Service :

  • Phone: 855-871-8429
  • Email: wcshelp@sprint.com