Sprint IP Relay

Sprint IP Relay makes communicating on the go easier than ever with access to an Internet connection and computer. Stay in touch 24/7 no matter where life takes you. One window handles dialing directions, call setup, and conversation. Talk as long as you’d like and long distance calls are free.

How does Sprint IP Relay work?

See the video to learn how Sprint IP Relay works for deaf and hard of hearing individuals to place relay calls over the Internet via their computer or laptop.

Sprint IP Relay Mobile App - 60-sec video
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To use Sprint IP Relay, you must be deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability to register for a 10-digit number in order to use this service. Registration is not required for standard or wireless telephone users. These users simply need the telephone number of the Sprint IP user to call using the Sprint IP Relay service.

Registration Instructions:

  1. Go to www.mysprintrelay.com
  2. Click Create New Profile/Call Now Number Registration and follow instructions.
  3. Select the Sprint IP tab.

Connect to Sprint IP:

  1. Sprint IP users: Go to www.sprintip.com
  2. Type the area code and telephone number you want to call.
  3. Type dialing instructions to the Relay Operator (OPR). (Optional)
  4. Click CALL NOW to connect to Sprint IP Relay Service.
  5. At the Login prompt, type in your User ID and Password
  6. The Relay Operator (OPR) will answer “Sprint IP 9999F Dialing...1...2...3...
  7. 9999 is  an OPR identification number. Each OPR has his/her own identification number which is rotated on a scheduled basis.
    • F or M is the gender of the OPR.
    • GA stands for “Go Ahead” which means it’s your turn to type.
    • The OPR will type everything the standard telephone user says and type GA at the end of each response on your screen.
  8. Proceed with the conversation by typing your response. The OPR will read everything you type and voice the message to the standard telephone user. 
  9. When you are ready to end your call, type 'SK' for 'Stop Keying' then click "Disconnect" button. 
  10. Standard or wireless callers: Dial the number of the Sprint IP user.

Other benefits of using Sprint IP Relay Service:

  • Language preferences (English, Spanish)
  • Text sizing and color
  • Background color
  • The ability to store user preferences
  • ASL emoticons
  • Horizontal split-screen
  • Resizable window

For more information, click here https://www.sprintip.com/faq.jsp

What you need: 

  • Internet connection (Dial-up, DSL, Cable, T1, etc.)
  • Internet browser (Microsoft Explorer 5.5 and higher, Netscape 6.1 and higher, Firefox 1.0, Safari) pointed to www.sprintip.com
  • Computer or laptop

Sprint IP Relay Customer Service