Speak and Read Service

Voice Carry-Over (VCO) allows a deaf or hard-of-hearing user to speak directly to a standard telephone user and read the text messages on the screen. When a standard telephone user speaks, the Relay Operator (OPR) serves as the "ears" and types everything said to the TTY or VCO phone user.

How does VCO work?

See the video to learn how VCO works for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing and wants to read text messages on the equipment screen and speak to the caller.

Voice Carry-Over -- New Jersey Relay
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  1. Dial 7-1-1 or 1-866-658-7711. When you dial 1-866-658-7711, your calls are automatically handled by a Relay OPR who specializes in all types of VCO calls.
  2. The Relay Operator (OPR) will answer "NJ Relay OPR 9999F VOICE (OR TYPE) NOW GA”
    • 9999 is an OPR identification number. Each OPR has his/her own identification number.
    • F or M is the gender of the OPR. GA stands for “Go Ahead” which means it’s your turn to speak or type.
    • Both parties will need to say “GA” at the end of their responses.
  3. Provide the OPR the area code and telephone number of the party to call and then say “Go Ahead” or “GA”.
  4. The OPR will dial the number. When it is your turn to speak, the OPR will type, ”GA” as a cue for you to start speaking. You can speak directly to the other person. The OPR will not repeat what you say, but will only type what the other person says back to you.
  5. Proceed with your conversation. Remember both you and the person you are calling will say “GA” at the end of your responses.
  6. When you are ready to end your call, say 'SKSK' for 'Stop Keying' then hang up.

To use the VCO service, you need a TTY with a telephone headset and a standard phone or specialized VCO phone equipment with access to a telephone line.

Voice Carry-Over Customer Service: