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Outreach Specialists can provide a NJ Relay or NJ CapTel presentation at no charge for organizations, community events, state agencies, schools, businesses, medical facilities, senior centers and other entities that would be appropriate to educate about the unique telecommunications needs of people with hearing and speech loss.


Outreach Specialists can provide NJ Relay or NJ CapTel Exhibits at local and statewide conferences, expos and health/disability fairs and other events that would be appropriate to raise awareness about NJ Relay and CapTel.

Please contact us if you would like us to provide a presentation or exhibit:

Lori Timney
Sprint, 3rd Floor
201 Route 17 North, Rutherford, NJ 07070
Phone: 1.732.440.8822
Toll Free: 1.866.955.6170
Phone: 201-355-0579
Fax: 913.523.1137

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