Federal Relay Services

Federal Relay is available for any current and active Federal employees and military personnel who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities. Federal Relay provides six different services to meet your needs in the workplace. These services include TTY, Speech to Speech (STS), Captioned Telephone (CapTel), Internet Protocol (IP Relay), Video Relay Service (VRS), and Relay Conference Captioning (RCC).

Deaf, hard of hearing or speech-disabled customers can use a TTY to communicate with their friends, family members, and business associates by typing their conversation to a Federal Relay Operator. The Operator reads aloud these typed words to friends, family members or business associates, and the standard telephone user responds with spoken words, which the Operator types back to the TTY users.

Visit the Federal Relay website to find out more about all of the available Federal Relay services, and how they may best suit your needs. Federal agencies that wish to use Federal Relay will need to have a Task Order from your Federal Government agency in place for Federal Relay services. If you are unsure if your agency is currently authorized to utilize Federal Relay please contact federalrelay@sprint.com for further assistance.

For more information about the Task Order process, go to www.federalrelay.us and click the “Task Order (TO) submission” tab.

Instructions on using Federal Relay Services:

  • The Relay Operator will ask you what agency you are calling to or from. This is an important step in making a Relay call.
  • Provide the Operator with the name of your agency, and the telephone number that you would like to call.
  • Certain Federal Relay services, such as Federal RCC and Federal CapTel, do not require you to provide the name of your agency to an Operator.
  • When utilizing Federal RCC services, you will be required to reserve the service online through www.fedrcc.us. This website contains a required form for users to fill out under “Book an Event Now.” This form requires that you   choose your agency name from a drop down listing of agencies. If you do not see your agency in the listing, please contact federalrelay@sprint.com for further assistance.
  • When utilizing Federal CapTel services, CapTel telephones are ordered through your agency or through the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP). Visit www.federalrelay.us/captel for further information on obtaining a CapTel device. Prior to receiving your device, it will be appropriately branded to the correct agency. Once you receive your device, you simply set it up and it is ready for use.

For more information on what type of equipment is needed for each Federal Relay Service option, click here.

For more information about Federal Relay and the Task Order Process, go to www.federalrelay.us or email federalrelay@sprint.com.

You may also contact customer service at the following number: 800-877-0996 (Voice/TTY)