Deaf-Blind Relay

Deaf-Blind Relay is for users who are deaf and blind and use a special TTY equipped with braille or large visual displays.  This service allows them to read the braille tty or a larger text at a slower pace for the ease of reading and make relay calls. New Jersey Relay has a toll-free number that provides customized relay service for the unique need of deaf-blind individuals. 

How does Deaf-Blind Relay work?

See the video to learn how Deaf-Blind Relay works for anyone who is deaf, blind or has low vision and wants to make a relay call at home or in the workplace.

Telebraille -- New Jersey Relay
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  1. Dial the TTY number at 7-1-1 or 1-866-658-7713.
  2. The Relay Operator (OPR) will answer "NJ Relay OPR 9999F NUMBER CALLING PLS GA"
    • 9999 is an OPR identification number. Each OPR has his/her own identification number.
    • F or M is the gender of the OPR.
    • GA stands for "GO AHEAD" which means it's your turn to type. 
  3. Type the area code and telephone number of the party you want to call and then GA.
  4. The OPR will dial the number and relay the conversation to and from your braille TTY equipment. Type "GA" at the end of each response.
  5. During the call, the Operator will type at a normal speed, but the message will come across at a rate of 15 words per minute, allowing users to achieve a more readable pace.
  6. You can also request increased or decreased typing in increments of 5 words per minute.
  7. Proceed with your conversation.
  8. When you are ready to end your call, type 'SK' for 'Stop Keying' then hang up.

To use Deaf-Blind Relay, you need a special TTY equipped with braille or large visual display with access to a telephone line.

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