New Jersey CapTel offers different phone models.  All models have a built-in answering machine, a button to enable/disable captioning service, and adjustable font sizes and colors.  

Plus, all models have an one-touch blue button for calling Customer Service.

The chart below shows how the CapTel models differ from each other. 

Explore the features of the different models to determine which one best meets your needs!  

CapTel 840
CapTel 840 phone

Teléfono CapTel 840

For people who have only landline telephone service.

CapTel 840i
CapTel 840i

Teléfono CapTel 840i

For people who have both landline telephone service and Internet service.

CapTel 880i
CapTel 880i

Teléfono CapTel 880i

For people who like to read captions on a larger display.

CapTel 2400i
CapTel 2400i

Teléfono CapTel 2400i

For people who prefer a contemporary model with a touch-screen display.