Meetings Made Easier: Web Conferencing through NJ Relay Conference Captioning (RCC)


When it comes to workplace gatherings, more and more often meetings are ending up on the web. But when you’re hard of hearing, online meetings can be incredibly difficult to navigate. The combination of multiple participants and less-than-stellar sound quality can make for an exhausting meeting.

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What’s RCC?

RCC is a free service that delivers live, real-time text streamed to any Internet-connected devices, such as computers, smartphones and tablets. The remote, high-quality captioner listens and streams captions to the RCC user’s laptop or mobile device.  RCC users can follow along with the meeting’s conversation by reading the captions on their screen as it is spoken and captioned.

What’s Web Conferencing?

Web Conferencing allows webinar participants to view captions by embedding captions in four popular meeting apps – WebEx, Adobe Connect, Microsoft Live Meeting and YouTube Live.  Participants are able to see live streaming captions during scheduled webinars.  Please contact a preferred webinar provider for information about acquiring services for the webinar platform. Learn more about NJ RCC at

What’s the benefit?

Thanks to this embedding feature, you can view your captions from within the webinar application itself, even side-by-side with a webinar or presentation on your monitor or laptop screen. It’s an ideal way to stay in the loop without missing out on any visual or spoken information, eliminating the need to switch between windows on a small screen.

Ready to try it out?

For more information on arranging captioning for your webinar, go to and select “Web Conferencing.” If you’d like a demo of the service, contact to schedule a session.

Web Conferencing