ASCII Split Screen

ASCII Split Screen is designed to allow deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing users who use high-speed ASCII computer to type and communicate more clearly and quickly with other TTY or computers that utilize ASCII. This also allows the user to see both parties' responses on the screen at the same time.

To use this ASCII Split Screen, users can call New Jersey Relay on a personal computer using modem software that supports split-window displays.  With this split-screen technology, one window displays the ASCII user's text and the other window displays the OPR’s text. When either party types, text will appear in the associated window, even if both callers type at the same time.

 What equipment is needed to use this service?

  • A personal computer and high-speed modem
  • Modem software that supports a split-screen display
  • A transmission speed of 1200 baud or higher using modem settings of Full Duplex, Non-Host, or Local-Echo-On mode. Users are responsible for setting up their own ASCII equipment and software. For specific instructions on modem settings, please contact the modem's manufacturer.